Psalm 23 in Nigerian Pidgin English

Oga na my Shepherd, my pepper don rest
He make me siddon for green grass
He waka me for better water
He dey cool my soul
He dey show me better road waka
As hin mouth dey there
Even as I dey waka through many many gbege
I nor dey fear evil
For you dey my back kampe
Your rod and staff dey comfort me
You prepare VIP table before me for my enemies dem koro koro eyes
You put better oil for my head, my cup dey overflow boku
Surely your goodness and love go follow me sotay till I die
And I go dey tanda for my Oga house forever

On Spirituality

Let’s talk about spirituality a little bit. But wait a minute, what is spiritual. What does it mean to be spiritual. Obviously, in the word spiritual, we find the word spirit. So we may then infer spiritual to mean “of the spirit”.

But what is the spirit, and where can we find it? To this question, there are many many many answers. Depending on who you are, what you believe in, and most importantly what you experience.

We have a slight idea that spirit as a thing is more or less in the same category as the body. While we can see, feel and touch the body, we cannot do so of the spirit. Basically, we categorise bodies, to be of two kinds; “animate” or “inanimate” objects. We also know that the is spirit related to the body, but of what relationship we cannot tell for certain.

We know the relationship between the food we eat, the air we breathe, the blood that runs our veins and the body that carries us, but we do not know for certain, the relationship between the so called “spirit” and animate bodies.

Now, we go to church, mosque, temples, and shrines. We pray, chant, meditate, and trance. We attach a certain kind of mysticism to spirituality. We revere priests, monks, pastors, imams, yogis, rabbis and look up to them as some sort of demigods. But what if the spirit is as simple as the water we drink everyday.

Wait a minute, why is the spirit so important that we are so fervently in search of if, that we invent thousands of religions, and countless of saints. Is it because it promises us of life after death? Or because with it, we feel we could transcend the laws of physics that the body feels trapped within. Or do we feel trapped in the mysteries of life?

This is what I think.

According to the principle of relativity, everything is in constant motion. Both “animate” and “inanimate”, which means, everything is technically “animate” depending on the observer. And if the spirit is what we think makes inanimate objects animate, that means, everything has (or is) a spirit!

So therefore, the spirit is in everybody, and all we have to do is to be still and feel the motion within. Simple.

Now this is a fundamental truth of which I am very convinced. The problem, however is in the ethics. Some label certain kinds of spirits as evil and others as good. That to me is all BS politics, of which I have no interest (at least for now).

I hope I have been able to shed light on the topic of spirituality. I am sure a lot of people disagree with my views here. If you do, please understand that words are ambiguous, and are nothing but references to reality (or truth). Therefore, I am willing to take in your views.

Lessons from Eric Garner

What can we learn from the recent protest going on in the US and other places? An innocent man was accidentally choked to death for resisting arrest on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. The police officer in question was not indicted. As simple as this sounds, it raised a fundamental flaw in New York’s justice system, and a fatal blow in our collective humanity.

The internet has made the world a smaller place such that what happens in New York affects my state of mind in London, hence my thoughts on this issue, which brought me to the gaping inefficiency and inhumanity inherent in forceful arrests, especially for trivial matters. It’s wasteful and gives room for room for sloppy prejudice. Continue reading

Kings and the Farmer

There was a Farmer
He made crops, he consumed
A King came, and then another
He made, they ate
And everyone was happy

The Kings were fed fat
But kept coming and became many
The farmer made more and he was happy
He made more but Kings fed less
The Kings were too many for the Farmer

Some Kings started becoming Farmers
But the Farmer was not happy
The Farmer made the Kings eat
Because he wanted the Kings’ gold
Kings did not make gold, they were born that way

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And the boy asked, “How do I find my way to Ejigbomekun?”

“Ah, hmm, its a long way from here.” I responded.

There are several roads but a junction. On every road, you will meet Ogun Lakaiye. Treat him with great respect. He will grant you courage, and maybe arm you for battles ahead.

Every road leads to a junction, a t-Junction. There you will find Esu Odara. Be sincere with Elegba! If you do, he will protect you from ajoguns, and maybe show you the way to Orunmila.

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Where there is bliss, there is no pain
Where there is no pain, there is no flesh
Where there is no flesh, there is no life
Where there is life, there is no bliss

Where there is no pain, there is no life
Where there is no life, there is death
Where there is death, there is afterlife
Where there is afterlife, there is the spirit

Where there is the spirit, there is Bliss.